Welcome to The Blue Cherry


My name is Lucía Rivera and I am the Founder, Owner and Creative Director of The Blue Cherry Design Ltd. We are your Strategic Marketing, Branding and Interior Design partner who will help you to achieve results by finding the best solutions for your business.

After graduating in 2009 with a Business Degree specialising in Strategic Marketing, I started working in Marketing related positions in the UK and South America.

I have always been surrounded by creativity and design and I have always had a passion for learning. My father is the Owner and Director of Equilibrio3 Structural Engineering (www.equilibrio3.com) and I have been involved in his business since I can remember! I know the Civil Engineering and Architectural World and I have design in my blood. I studied two years of an Architectural Degree in Peru and I am aware of what is involved in the design process, but more importantly I know how much Architects and Engineers owners work, living no time left to worry about Marketing and Branding. With that thought I decided to offer my Marketing and Branding Services to them so they can enjoy what they do best… design!

As I have always been very interested in design, in 2012 I decided to go back to University and since then I have completed various courses in Interior Design. I believe there is a strong connection between Branding and Interior Design so I decided to offer Interior Design solutions to help businesses with the Interior Design of their offices with the purpose of creating and increasing brand awareness internally within the business and externally to their customers. I have also been involved in Residential Interiors therefore, I can help you to create beautiful bespoke interiors with personality that show the essence of your home.

Looking forward working together in your next Marketing, Branding and Interior Design project.


Lucía Rivera

Creative Director of The Blue Cherry Design Ltd.