Welcome to The Blue Cherry


My name is Lucía and I am the Creative Director of The Blue Cherry Consultancy Ltd. Thank you for visiting my page and learning more about me and The Blue Cherry.

My aim is to help you create a strong brand to show the essence of your business and increase differentiation from your competitors, to develop marketing campaigns to reach your target audience and engage with your client; and finally to design the interior space of your office to show the essence of your brand internally and externally.

In 20009 I graduated with Business Degree from Bournemouth University. I chose to follow the Marketing Pathway and soon I started working in Marketing related positions in the UK and South America.

During this time I have gained valuable skills and knowledge in Marketing, particularly Branding, which is my speciality. During the last ten years I have seen a lot of changes in the marketing and branding sector and digital marketing has now become crucial for every organisation. I have developed skills and experience in digital marketing which on top of my strategic approach to marketing and branding, are key when creating marketing strategies and campaigns.

I believe that branding is one of the most valuable and important asset of a company and it needs to be managed strategically to allow the company to be positioned in a desired place in the market, to aid differentiation against competition, to increased profitability, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

If you want help with your Marketing & Branding needs for your business, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will be more than happy to have a coffee with you, get to know you and understand more about your business.

Looking forward meeting you and helping you with tour Marketing and Branding business needs.

Thank you xx

Lucía Rivera

Creative Director @ The Blue Cherry Consultancy