Why the Blue Cherry?

“The Blue Cherry was created to offer solutions in Marketing, & Branding with the aim to increase differentiation from the competition. We do this by the creating of strong brand, communicating if effectively by developing effective marketing campaigns; as well as designing interior spaces that show tour brand essence to your employees and clients”.

Our Approach


Our approach is to work together with you and your business to achieve a solution or strategy that is the right one for your business needs. We do this by having a clear understanding about your business and the industry in which your business operates. Only after having a clear understanding of both, business and industry, we can then develop a plan strategy with the aim of increasing differentiation, profitability, customer loyalty and engagement, and specific business objectives.

Our Culture


“Our Mission is to provide Marketing & Branding solutions with the aim to help our clients achieve their marketing and business goals”

“Our vision is to offer full branding, digital marketing solutions and interior design solutions for our clients in the South of England and London”

Our Values

  • Integrity and professionalism in our work

  • Passion for what we do

  • Effective and transparent communication with our clients

  • Creativity and Innovative solutions


Our approach

We believe that working with transparency and integrity is crucial for any project. In order to offer the best posible service we follow a process that has been developed.

  1. Initial Consultation Brief: In our first meeting we get to understand a little bit more about you and your business. We then talk about what you want to achieve and how we can help you.

  2. Research: Once we have a clear understanding about your business requirements, we will talk about potential solutions and prices.

  3. Concept: Once we have decided the strategy and signed a contract, we will present you with a solution that we feel will work best for you.

  4. Solution: After a solution has been approved, we will develop a project plan to make the project run smoothly.

  5. Action: At this stage we are ready to implement the strategy. We will work with you and your team on the action plan for your strategy.

  6. Goal: The strategy has been implemented. Enjoy the results!