The Blue Cherry was created to offer solutions in Marketing, Branding and Interior Design with the aim to increase differentiation from the competition. We do this by the creating of strong brand, communicating if effectively to your clients by the development of effective marketing; as well as designing interior spaces that increase employee productivity and satisfaction. The effect of an interior space that shows the essence of the Brand has also a positive effect on your clients as it helps the development of positive associations with your brand, creating customer loyalty and increased profitability.

The Blue Cherry Approach


The Blue Cherry process


We believe that passion is a very important element to our business. However, understanding what our costumer needs is crucial to the success of a business. Our solutions follows a step by step process which has been developed to create transparency and understanding from our first meeting.

Step 1 Brief

Our first meeting gives us the change to have a good understanding of you and your business, as well as understanding your requirements. At this stage communication and getting to know you and creating a good business relationship from the beginning. We may ask you to fill a questionnaire to have a better understanding about the business and we will explain how our business works.

Step 2: Research

Once we have a clear understanding about what is needed from us, we will do our research to find the best solutions available and suitable for you.

Step 3: Concept

We will have a meeting with you and present you with our initial concept for approval. Once it has been approved we are ready to start working on the solution.

Step 4: Solution

We will present you with a strategically designed solution and a proposed plan of action. Once it has been approved we are ready to go to the next step.

Step 5: Action

This is the stage were we implement the solution.

Step 6: Goal

Final project

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is to provide Marketing, Branding and Interior Design services by the development of bespoke quality solutions to our clients, with the aim of creating
differentiation from the competition, creating customer loyalty and employee performance with the aim to help your business grow.
Our vision is to offer unique and innovative integrated solutions in Branding, Marketing and Interior Design to our clients, communicating the brand effectively to their employees and customers, creating brand equity and differentiation from the competition.

For more information about our solutions and how we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us