Why The Blue Cherry?

A creative Process…

So we needed a new brand identity for our new business which needed to represent the core of our business! Just like we approach all of our projects, we started this process by carefully analysing our business, our values, our services, etc. We offer unique solutions in Marketing, Branding and Interior Design which are designed to help our clients. When developing our solutions we follow a creative process that allows us to fully understand what each client needs to deliver the right solution. We can imagine the juices of the brain working hard at analysing all of the information available! Therefore the words “juices”, “juiciness”, “juicy” stuck in our heads, as well as images of fruits, particularly Cherries! However, we were not convinced about the colour, so we decided to change the colour to blue as the meaning of blue resembles our company values.

Creativity in smaller scale.jpg
“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

Putting all of our ideas together!

Following the brainstorming session we put everything into a concept board to make sure that the most important elements were considered when creating a brand for our business, such as values, positioning, target market, etc. By applying colour theory and psychology we decided to use the best colours and their combinations for our corporate branding identity, and finally to chose the right font we looked at different potential fonts that would suit our business.

final final concept board for TBC for social media.jpg

Finally… Our brand corporate identity was designed!

Remember that a Logo is not a Brand! A Logo is only part of the Strategic Branding process when creating a Corporate Identity