Interior Design

Your office space has a direct effect on your employees productivity and efficiency. A bright, confortable, functional office interior can also help you to create positive associations with your brand for both your employees and clients.

The Blue Cherry can help you to design functional and unique spaces that show the essence of your brand, increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Our expertise in Branding and Interior Design knowledge come together to reinforce your brand and create both customer and employee positive engagement with your brand.

Interior Design Projects


Home office

A professional couple worked from home somedays and other days commuted to London. They needed a home office at home which was flexible and bright and light. After careful evaluation and understanding of what was needed, our solution was to design a purpose built bespoke unit that allowed the storage of books and the equipment needed to work.

The design maximised the space, and the use of the colours of the furniture and the walls created a home study that was clutter free, bright, practical and functional with a contemporary feel; completely tailored made to the couples needs and taste.

my home office 2.jpg
home office 3.jpg
my home office 1.jpg