Our aim is to help you to create a strong brand that has been developed after careful analysis about the aspects that need to be considered when creating a brand. A brand is certainly more than a logo… you need to consider important elements such as your competitors, your industry, your target audience, your values, etc. Only then your brand will help you to stand out from your competitors, and will help you to increase loyalty from your clients by the creation of positive associations with your brand.

Branding Solutions

  1. Brand Strategy


The Blue Cherry helps your business by creating a brand strategy that aligns with your business goals. We will analyse your existing brand, your brand associations internally and externally and then create a Brand Strategy for your business.

2. Brand Concept and Development


We can help you to create a strong brand for your business. We evaluarte the elements that are crucial for the development of a strong brand, only then create a logo that represents the essence of your business, differentiating you from your competitors, creating awareness, loyalty and customer engagement.

3. Rebrand Strategy


There comes a time when a Brand needs to be modified to suit the market in which the company operates. Sometimes a brand can become stagnant and does not connect with targeted audience and clients anymore. We will analyse your brand and create a strategic rebrand strategy to give you a fresher brand that connects better with your clients and target market.