The importance of a strong Brand Identity for your business

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When I started my business I knew that creating a strong brand identity was the most important thing I had to do. It was a chance for me to take a break from the “not so exciting” tasks that needed to be done when setting up a business. It was not only the creativity that excited me but to go through those important aspects that make the essence of my business.

Behind the development of strong brands lies an analytical process which makes you think the very deep reasons about why does the business exist, the purpose of it, where does it operate in the market, and who are the services for. Only after a clear analysis and evaluation a brand can be developed, otherwise it will lack what is needed for the brand to be strong and to create differentiation from the competition.

And this where I get passionate about what branding development is all about. For me a brand is more than just a logo. But to develop a strong brand which represents the essence of the business, creates differentiation and awareness, and ultimately create loyalty and brand advocacy, a brand development process needs to be followed.

Creating a strong brand is important for all businesses but it is crucial for businesses that offer services instead of products. Your clients need to feel connected to your brand, trust you, and reliable. After all, when we offer services instead of products intangible aspects such as high quality, reliability, customer service, etc., become crucial so the customer association with the brand is positive.

I strongly believe that a branding specialist needs to be someone who understands the importance of getting to know your business and you, and only then a brand can be created taking into consideration all the information gathered to develop a strong brand. Once we have answered many of the key questions needed for brand concept and development it is the time to get creative with paper, pens, pantone colours, fonts, shapes, photoshop and illustrator!

My first blog!


First Blog!

I am so happy about writing my first blog!

The creation of The Blue Cherry Design is a dream that I had for a very long time. To be able to work in something that I am passionate about it really is a dream come true. I am truly passionate about Marketing, Branding and Interior Design. This website feels like The Blue Cherry on the cake! I have been able to create my own website and blogging about this feels very real! Now it feels like it really begins for The Blue Cherry, and I promise to make interesting blogs regarding Marketing, Branding and Interior Design. This is it for now!

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my first blog.