Letting kids creativity shine - June 14, 2019


Lucia Rivera - Director


Children show their creativity in different ways. However, it is important that us parents embrace creative activities, not only to spend quality time but to teach them new activities who may become their hobbies or a passion in their life.

Last week the primary school where my younger son attends decided to organise a “Parents job fair”. This was an opportunity for the parents to show the children a little bit about their jobs and the skills required to do them. I decided to take time off from work and attend the parents jobs fair to show the children a small presentation about my business.

The day before the fair I was thinking about ways to not only make a child friendly presentation to spark their interest, but also ways for them to bring out their creative side. So I packed my technical drawing board, some rules, colours, markets, fabrics, colour charts, etc!

Whilst I was doing this one episode from my childhood came to my head and a smile came across my face. I was back in Peru in 1984 and it was so important to me that it started the beginning of a career in design that I am passionate about. I remember playing in my playroom and my dad was working from his home office. When he left to do something I walked inside and I found interesting drawings on big white papers, lots of different markers, pens, and rulers. I remember feeling really happy and I sat down on his special chair, grabber the markers and started happily colouring them!!! At the time I was too young to understand that he had manually drawn floor plans for a client which had probably taken a long time to draw!

As I was colouring happily my dad walked in and I remember him been in shock! Nevertheless, he sat down with me and started explaining that it was the floor plan of a building and that each colour he was using represented one area of the edification. And then he started colouring with me, utilising the opportunity to not only teach me something about his passion for structural design but also to spark my creativity!

The episode was so moving that I remember it with tenderness and now that I am a mom to 3 children I have used a similar approach to him and have used moments like that to show them something new and nurture their creative side.

When the parents job fair started I was approached the first group of kids who stayed with me for a bit, and then the next one came. So I started the presentation with a small power point presentation, explained to them the meaning of my brand and why I chose it and what each colour meant, followed by a very quick description of branding, marketing and interior design. If someone was interested in dance I said things like “So let´s imagine you want to start your dance studio. You would need to create a name for your business and create a logo, then you would need to communicate your business to potential clients, and finally you would need to find a place for your business and adapt it to your needs. Let´s imagine this room is your studio, we can´t move the doors and window but we could put mirrors on that wall, storage there, a different flooring, lighting, etc” Whilst I was talking I could see their little faces brighten up and they asked so many questions. But the best moment came when I showed them the drawing board and the pens!! I asked them to have a go and draw something, and they were so excited to use the rulers, the pens, the markers! It made me feel really happy and fulfilled because I could see that they were experiencing similar emotions like I did in 1984.

And for that I need to thank my dad! For been such a great father, who taught me the importance to use moments like this to teach children something that could spark an interest and passion, could be the beginning of a career one day, and the importance of letting children explore and develop their creative side.

Me as a four year old girl!!

Me as a four year old girl!!